New trip, new start, new blog

I usually just keep friends and family updated of my travels via facebook – but sometimes you just want to write a little more about what you’ve been up to,  and I’ve started to want to keep a bit more of a record for myself too. So, here is my very own blog!! It will be interesting to see how it develops. I did start a travel blog in Guatemala at the start of my last ‘big trip’, but it quickly fell by the wayside when I started having too much fun…. I hope this shall not go the same way. Now I’m (a little bit) older and wiser, and appreciate the value of it a little more.

So, January 2nd will see me on a one-way flight to Kuala Lumpur! I shall write of my tentative plans for South-east Asia nearer the departure date……I actually have a bit of a mini-adventure between then and now, in the form of some volunteering in Greece for a cat welfare charity – details not ironed out yet, but looking like a few weeks in December split between Athens, Thessaloniki and the Peloponnese, undertaking veterinary work, hopefully with a little time to see some sights as well. Aside from that, before I leave, I have some locum work in London and Liverpool, Christmas and New Year to celebrate, and, oh, just my whole life to sort out and get in order so I can leave the UK not knowing when, or if, I will return! So not much to do in less than 6 weeks.


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