30 days of indie travel – #1 Goals

So one of my favourite websites for whiling away some time reading travel articles and inspiration, is www.bootsnall.com, who have been running a ’30 days of Indie travel’ blogging project throughout November. It’s been one of the things that has pushed me into starting to blog, having been pondering over it for ages. Now,  obviously I’m a bit behind, but, it seems like a good way to write about some past travel experiences.

So, prompt #1 – Goals

What have my travel goals been this year?

The thing about setting yourself a goal, is that you either reach it or you don’t – which seems to imply that the trip is either a success or it isn’t. I tend to prefer to take the approach of, you always end up where you need to be (both physically and metaphorically!), a trip will always be a success in some way or other, because you will learn from it, you will gain experience from it, so it can never be a failure.  So far, I haven’t really felt the need to formally set myself any travel goals, I’ve just travelled for the sake of travelling, because I can, and I want to explore and experience all that the world has to offer, I want to meet people and see places and do things and I don’t feel the need to have a specific reason for doing so, this is just how I wish to live my life at the moment.  2011 has led me to visit 16 countries (17 if you count an overnight stay in Geneva, although I didn’t leave the airport!).  I’ve seen the pyramids at Giza and the Colloseum in Rome; visited palaces in Bangkok, Marrakech and Istanbul; dived with a manta ray in Thailand and on the wreck of the Thistlegorm in the Red Sea.  So if you call ”because I want to travel and do incredible things” a travel goal, then I met it!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fluent In Frolicking
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 14:46:12

    I’m a bit behind with the Indie Travel Challenge as well.. Still plan on finishing up the series one day. Good luck with yours!


  2. thewanderingvet
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 22:00:39

    Thanks! They’ve started a weekly one now for 2012, so something new we can keep up with from the start 🙂


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