30 days of indie travel – #3 Music

Bootsnall say:

Music and travel memories often go hand in hand. A song can inspire our explorations, or it can take us back to a specific place and time. Tell us about your travel playlist and what it means to you.

2 big memories come up here:

The first, living on Utila, an island belonging to Honduras in the Caribbean. The house was a two-room wooden affair with a tin roof, basic but all you needed- with the worst soundproofing ever. Every morning, the neighbour behind us, a native islander, would play ”I Am Blessed” at top volume…..not always welcome before 7am!!! However I remember one morning, getting up, and just thinking – whatever. I just got up and danced. After that, each time it came on, we would get up and danced and sang along. Now it always reminds me of being accepting of things I can’t change, and just taking joy in the moment I’m living in. A symbol of one of the biggest lessons learned from travel.

The second memory, this year, is in Essouira, Morocco, I was at a world music festival with somother travellers I’d just met in Marrakech a few days earlier, we’d heard about the festival so hired a car together and headed down to the coast, one of those quickly-bonded travel posses. That evening found us in a crowded square, watching a traditional Moroccan band, surrounded by people from all over the country, which was an amazing experience in itself- sharing the night with new friends, the whole crowd singing and moving to the music. We were standing next to two guys dressed in traditional desert garb – via a mix of English, French and Spanish, we talked about the music and their lives- they were nomadic Berbers, who lived in the Sahara. One of them asked what I thought of the band, I said I liked it but I couldn’t see the musicians – and he said to me ”you don’t need to see – just listen and feel it in your heart”. I just loved how he said that and it stuck with me. Sometimes I almost take that quote out out of context, and think- you don’t need to see the big picture in life, you don’t need to see the end point or the goal – just listen to the world around you, the people you’re with, the moment you’re in, and feel in your heart your next step.

Deep, man 🙂


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