Things to do in (insert place here)

So yesterday I landed in Kuala Lumpur, the first stop on my one-way wanderings around Asia. I’m couchsurfing here and had not really done much research on things I wanted to do or see in the city whilst here before landing – and now I have a travel-buddy date with a fellow surfer to do touristy things today, and neither of us have a guidebook!

No fear. This past year I have visited several cities in the same manner, and each time, my strategy has paid off: simply type ‘things to do in (place)’ into google, and hey presto!! This led to 4 wonderful days sightseeing in Cairo,  including a free Sufi dance show we’d have never heard about otherwise, also kept me happily entertained in Tel Aviv and Athens. Virtual tourist usually seems to have a pretty good list, and it’s nice because it’s written by other travellers who have been there rather than a tourist board, but here in Kuala Lumpur, I’m going to start by following this gem from a blog; 12 free things to do in Kuala Lumpur. The added bonus that they are free is an obvious attraction!! Whilst budget isn’t the main reason I’m couchsurfing – more that I’m attracted to the different experience it offers staying with someone who lives here to gain a more inside perspective on a place – couchsurfing does have the added bonus of being free, so I like the idea of trying to see how much I can do here, in a big city, without spending a lot. I shall report back on how that challenge goes!



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