What makes an Indie Traveller?

So week 2 of BnA’s 2012 Indie Travel Challenge:

What do you think? Are you an indie traveler? What do you think makes someone an indie traveler?

Well, my inner English pedant would stipulate that I would agree I am indeed an indie traveller 😉  (although it’s not a phrase I use myself in everday language, I can’t think of a better way to put it) but what does that mean? It is more than just someone who is travelling independently -i.e. without a tour company or travel agent arranging things for them. I think it’s more a mindset, an approach to travel and to the world at large. It’s being completely open to new experiences and to taking life as it comes, an unquenchable deep need to see, taste, touch, hear, learn, and just to be out there exploring. It’s an attitude, and if you take it far enough (as some would argue I may have by now), it’s a way of life.   More


30 days of indie travel – #2 Embracing Change

Bootsnall says….

Change can be exciting and bring new joys into our lives. But it can present challenges that frustrate or annoy us. How has travel changed you in the last year? Did you welcome these changes or resist them at the time, and how do you feel about them now?

I started travelling seriously because of a change in my life – after the end of my previous long-term relationship I no longer wanted to be settled in one place, and took the opportunity to travel without time constraint for the first time in my life, at the age of 27. I’d taken countless short trips around Europe (and reaching slightly further afield) before then, but never had the chance to do the months-on-end wandering thing. I didn’t care where I went, and ended up in Central America for 5 months after following a link on facebook to a medical research trial who would pay people to receive a vaccine and then send them to Guatemala to try and get food poisoning.


30 days of indie travel – #1 Goals

So one of my favourite websites for whiling away some time reading travel articles and inspiration, is www.bootsnall.com, who have been running a ’30 days of Indie travel’ blogging project throughout November. It’s been one of the things that has pushed me into starting to blog, having been pondering over it for ages. Now,  obviously I’m a bit behind, but, it seems like a good way to write about some past travel experiences.

So, prompt #1 – Goals More